Special Notice to our Appreciated Clients

After some deliberation, we have made the decision to add a confidential brokerage
service for our client base focusing on sales where both subsurface and surface rights
are under consideration. Congdon and Company was founded as a real estate brokerage
firm, in the early 1970s, prior to specializing in appraisal and consulting. We believe that
reintroducing this line of service is increasingly important for the following reasons:

  • Given the seemingly endless moratorium in New York State, many landowners are
    at wit’s end and may be ready to sell before values have the opportunity to
    seriously decline. These neighbors need quality advice to achieve the best price
    possible.  Now may be a good time to do so if holding on is not a real option.

  • We have compiled a substantial database of sales, listing, lease bonus payments,
    production and geological data which can be used not just in appraisal, but also in
    providing valuable advice to market participants.

  • The addition of an adjunct brokerage experience will provide us with even more
    data pertaining to buyer/seller attitudes for use in our appraisal products. Careful
    review will be given to any potential conflict of interest and the need for quality
    appraisal will always be given priority consideration if appropriate to the situation.

Please call Robert Congdon for more information at (607)757-0435.

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