Mineral Appraisal
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The Appraisal of Oil and Gas Interests
Producing & Non-Producing Fields
  • Oil & Gas Resources
  • Unconventional
  • Conventional

  • Aggregate Minerals

  • Pennsylvania Bluestone Land
Uses of Mineral Appraisals
  • Financial Planning & IRS Review

  • LLC's & Related Gift Taxes

  • FLP's and Future Income Projection

  • Partnership Dissolution

  • Matrimonial Actions

  • Financing

  • Assessment Challenge

  • Allocation of Subsurface Rights

  • Marketing

  • Condemnations

  • Pipeline Activity

The earlier you have established your basis,
the better you can effectively plan your estate
and legally avoid costly taxes and potential
litigation. Mineral appraisals on both
"Producing" and "Non-Producing" land are
highly complex documents. It is in your
advantage to begin the process as soon as

Congdon and Company specializes in appraisal and
valuation of unconventional oil & gas resources in the
Marcellus and Utica plays.

Because the majority of our Clients' projects are subject
to either IRS or Judicial review we adopt a Team-based
approach to develop Audit & Litigation ready reports.
Where most appraisal reports are typically performed
and signed by a single a individual, each of our reports
is written and/or reviewed by an MAI (Senior Commercial
Appraiser), a Petroleum Engineer, and a Geologist. This
approach gives our Clients the comfort of having all
relevant regulatory and technical considerations

In most states, minerals are legally identified as Real
Estate and mineral extraction considered an Industrial
activity requiring a State Certified General Appraiser to
be involved in the appraisal process. For property that is
either In Production or Near Producing the involvement
of Petroleum Engineers and/or Geologists in the
appraisal process is crucial to correctly identifying the  
relevant scientific and technical considerations involved
in modeling the potential income to be derived from the

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